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Chamberlain introduces the LiftMaster® 398LM Smart Control Panel® designed with first-of-its-kind options such as a 1¼" tall by 2¼" wide LCD screen with backlight/nightlight that informs homeowners of the time and the garage's temperature as well as short status messages about the garage door opener. 

The Smart Control Panel can quickly and easily program functions from the buttons located on the side of the panel. To save installation time, extra remotes can be programmed directly from the panel without the need to climb a ladder to program them from the opener. Including the garage door operation button, the 398LM also features two auxiliary buttons. One button can be programmed to lock out all remote control signals. The other button can be programmed to turn the garage door opener lights on and off. In addition, the Smart Control Panel includes a Motion-Detecting feature that automatically turns on garage door opener lights hands-free when movement is detected in the garage.


"The new Smart Control Panel displays information to the homeowner that is not currently available with any other garage door opener system," said Ken Roehl, vice president, marketing, Chamberlain Professional Products. "By giving homeowners up-to-the-minute diagnostic information, the Smart Control Panel makes it easier for anyone to know the system status of their garage door opener." 


The 398LM's unique Messaging Display Center alternates the time, the garage's temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and short status messages on the opener's components. The Smart Control Panel's status messages are optimized when installed with LiftMaster opener such as the Model 3850 with EverCharge® Standby Power System. For example, if a power failure occurs, a status message will show homeowners when the opener is operating in Battery Backup mode and how much battery life remains.  Other status messages include notification if the opener's sensors are misaligned, if the remote controls are "locked" out, or if the Motion-Detecting feature is turned on or off. The Smart Control Panel’s display is also available in French and Spanish.     


The 398LM is available exclusively through LiftMaster dealers.  For more information visit www.liftmaster.com or call (800) 528-9131.  

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