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Launched during last year's 2009 IDA show to their growing network of professional LiftMaster dealers, Chamberlain debuted the LiftMaster AdCreator, an online tool for creating customized advertising materials. Approaching its one year anniversary, LiftMaster's AdCreator tool, which provides dealers with a quick and easy turnkey solution for replacing static advertising slicks with custom generated, locally-tailored, LiftMaster-branded advertising pieces, has reported steady usage among dealers since its unveiling.

"Over the past year, we have seen dealers begin to embrace the LiftMaster tool as a resource for creating marketing and advertising campaigns geared toward their local markets, allowing them to infuse their own company's personality when customizing and prioritizing their messaging," said Paul Accardo, manager, advertising and public relations, The Chamberlain Group, Inc. "It has served our dealers well since it helps them also maintain LiftMaster's brand standards as they easily create local newspaper-ready templates and direct mail pieces."

Available through the LiftMaster Dealer Extranet (dealer.liftmaster.com) the LiftMaster AdCreator features easy-to-use templates and tools, offering dealers the freedom and flexibility to prioritize key product messages and customize an advertisement's size, headlines, copy, and dealer contact information. The seamless software allows dealers to select from a variety of sizes and color options while tailoring the ad messaging to reflect a particular promotion or sale.

Selecting from simple drop-down menus and other pre-set options on the AdCreator, dealers can create a professional, crisp ad or direct mail piece within minutes and then submit it via AdCreator directly to Chamberlain for quick approval for co-op advertising funds. Coupled with the co-op funding available to dealers, Chamberlain has truly streamlined the process for assisting customers, increasing consumer awareness for the LiftMaster products they are selling and installing.

"Since the inception of the AdCreator, we have seen how useful this tool can be for dealers, especially once they give it a test run," stated Accardo. "We know our dealers are busy, so in addition to the AdCreator, we have also been hosting webinars to help assist dealers get acquainted with the options, as well as troubleshoot any issues they may have as they work through the easy-to-create, tailored ads," Accardo continued.

For more information on how to become a LiftMaster dealer, or for more information on the LiftMaster Dealer Extranet and the LiftMaster AdCreator tool, please visit dealer.liftmaster.com.   


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