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Chamberlain introduces the LiftMaster® Elite Series line that includes five garage door opener models and two new innovative accessories.


"The needs of homeowners and the designs of garages today have evolved to include many distinct needs and applications that call for specific garage door openers," said Dan Nixa, director, residential marketing, The Chamberlain Group, Inc. "The LiftMaster Elite Series line offers five unique garage door openers designed to meet these needs."


Special features include the EverCharge® Standby Power System, the industry's only professionally installed 3/4 HP motors, a residential jackshaft opener, lifetime motor warranties, and one of the most innovative accessories package available. Also, LiftMaster Elite Series garage door openers are UL325 approved and meet all UL325 requirements.   


The 3575 chain drive and the 3585 belt drive offer powerful 3/4 HP strength, 200 watt lighting and the exclusive Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®) for improved performance and superbly quiet operation.


The Elite Series product line is rounded out with three additional openers. The 3595 features a powerful 3/4 HP heavy-duty motor that is designed to easily lift today's heavier, custom carriage house garage doors. The opener is made with a commercial I-beam rail system and chassis support bracket. It also includes the MVIS for smooth, quiet performance.


The 3850 opener features an ultra-quiet 12V DC motor with a belt drive system and the industry's only integrated battery backup system. The variable speed soft start/soft stop function improves the overall performance of the opener. The integrated battery backup technology not only powers the opener for up to 40 full cycles but continues to power vital safety functions, such as The Protector System® safety reversing system, in the event of an electrical outage.


The 3800 Residential Jackshaft opener features an ultra-quiet 24V DC motor and is designed to be mounted on the wall beside the garage door in order to free up valuable ceiling space and for use in garages with unique applications such as garages with low, cathedral, or obstructed ceilings. The 3800 features variable speed soft start/soft stop function, a cable tension monitor to maintain accurate tension and eliminate "cable throw," and a 200 watt light that can be mounted anywhere in the garage. Additional features on the Elite 3800 include the Power Lock system that securely locks the door in place when the garage door is fully closed, ensuring the door cannot be forced open and optional EverCharge Battery Backup.

Exclusive Accessories:  

Standard accessories for all LiftMaster Elite Series models include the Premium Remote Control and the Smart Control Panel®. The Premium Remote Control is the first garage door opener remote control with smart technology that senses the users hand prior to coming in contact with the remote, automatically illuminating a cool blue light which allows users to clearly see and operate the 3-button Remote Control with Security+® rolling code technology.


The Smart Control Panel is designed with first-of-its-kind options such as a 1¼" tall by 2¼" wide LCD screen with backlight/nightlight that informs homeowners of the time and the garage’s temperature as well as status messages in English, French, and Spanish. Status messages include notification if the opener's sensors are misaligned, when the opener is operating in Battery Backup mode and how much battery life remains, if the remote controls are "locked" out, or if the Motion-Detecting feature is turned on or off.

The Smart Control Panel also features one button to lock out the remote control and another button to
turn the garage door opener lights on and off. To save installation time, and for added safety for the consumer, remote controls can be programmed directly from the control panel without the need to climb a ladder to program them from the opener.


Other optional accessories for the Elite Series openers are the Garage Door Monitor, which instantly tells people if the garage door is open through a remote monitor that can be placed anywhere in the home.  Also, the Laser Garage Parking Assist guides drivers into the perfect parking spot every time; a Wireless Control Panel provides a second location in the garage for users to operate the garage door opener and/or the opener’s lights; and the Wireless Keyless Entry with Security+ that allows users to close the garage door by pushing one button rather than entering a four digit code.

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