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Back Up Your Home Access with a Garage Door Opener Featuring the EverCharge® Standby Power System

This year, inclement weather, such as heavy winds, hurricanes and electrical storms, flooded basements and scattered trees and large branches across properties, leaving more than 93 percent of homeowners(1) with no power.

While it's nearly impossible to predict an electrical power outage, it is possible to be prepared. However, a nationally representative survey recently conducted by The Chamberlain Group®, a leader in residential and commercial access solutions, revealed that homeowners may be unaware of several key areas of preparation or potential safety and security issues that stem from a power outage.

When the power goes out, nearly half of homeowners (43 percent) worry about finding the closest working flashlight in their home, or they're concerned about food spoiling in their refrigerator (58 percent). Some are even concerned about being able to watch TV (22 percent). But, only one in 10 homeowners worries about whether the garage door opener will work during an outage. Those who use an automatic garage door will quickly realize that their cars, as well as secure access to and from their homes, are inconveniently blocked by the garage door. This is especially prevalent for more than half of homeowners (55 percent) who rely on the garage door as the primary entrance into their home, especially if they are outside their home when the power fails.

In order to provide convenient, innovative and secure access solutions to homeowners, The Chamberlain Group developed the patented EverCharge® Standby Power System, a battery backup feature that continues to operate the garage door opener even when the power is out, helping residents, homeowners and property managers through unforeseen, inconvenient outages. The EverCharge Standby Power System comes standard on the professionally installed LiftMaster® 3850 Belt Drive garage door opener as well as on the Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive model, which can be purchased at a home center and installed by the homeowner. Both quiet, yet powerful, these garage door openers will supply power for up to two days, so even after 24 hours of standby time (i.e., full-day power outage), each garage door opener will still perform 20 full "up and down" cycles.

Surprisingly, nearly 80 percent of consumers are unaware that a garage door opener with a battery back-up feature is available," states Sally Anderson, The Chamberlain Group vice president of marketing communications and customer advocacy. "Since the garage door is the largest and heaviest moving part in one's home, we always recommend a garage door opener with the EverCharge Standby Power System as an easy and reliable way to ensure security, safety and convenience as well as peace-of-mind during an outage," continued Anderson.

According to four out of five homeowners, the primary benefit of automatic garage door openers is convenience, and 60 percent feel it is important to park their car in the garage during a power outage. However, to enter or exit through the garage during a power outage, homeowners may be forced to disconnect the opener from the door and manually lift the door, which quickly eliminates the accustomed convenience and safety of having an automatic garage door opener. Since an operating garage door opener also serves as a lock to the garage door, security is compromised when the power goes out as the entrance may no longer be securely locked.

Once the power is lost to the home, a garage door opener with EverCharge Standby Power System will automatically activate and operate so all remote controls and garage door opener safety systems, such as The Protector System® safety reversing sensors, work normally to provide homeowners with a safe, practical and reliable garage access solution when the power is out.

Also, to notify the homeowner that the garage door opener is operating under battery power, a series of recognizable, audible sounds signal when the door is opening or closing under battery power. As an added safety feature, a flashing LED light alerts the homeowner when the EverCharge Standby Power System is charging, in use, or when the batteries need to be replaced. The battery, which has a life of roughly three to five years under normal use, is warranted for one year from the date of original purchase to the original owner.

Customer's Choice: Do-It-Yourself or Professionally Installed Brands

Both of these innovative products can benefit any homeowner ranging from an entire single-family household to residents of a multi-unit complex. For the weekend warriors, the Chamberlain product equipped with EverCharge Standby Power System can be found at most major home improvement retailers under the Chamberlain brand name or at

All LiftMaster garage door openers, accessories and access system are professionally installed by LiftMaster authorized dealers. To learn more about equipping your home or multi-unit residence with a LiftMaster garage door opener with EverCharge Standby Power System, visit www.liftmaster.com.


(1) Chamberlain study conducted by Zoomerang, Division of Market Tools, Inc., October 9-13, 2008. The nationally representative online survey was completed by 1,024 homeowners. Margin of error is (+/-) 3% at the 95% level of confidence.

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